Enrichment Programs

Each year, the PTO provides enrichment programs to enhance the educational curriculum currently taught at Booth Free School. All enrichment programs are entirely researched, negotiated, and planned by the PTO. The four content areas that are supported by the PTO are citizenship, literary arts, performing arts, and science.

Citizenship: A citizenship program aims to help students develop the character traits that are expected at Booth Free School. These include honesty, respect, responsibility, courage, caring, and citizenship.

Literary Arts: A literary arts program aims to educate and inspire ­students about various written works. These include storytelling, poetry, and plays.

Performing Arts: A performing arts program aims to broaden students’ perspectives on music and dance throughout different cultures around the world.

Science: A science program aims to help students acquire knowledge about the world around them through observations and experimentation. The different areas of science include biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science.

Enrichment Coordinator: Megan Hodge

Please contact Megan by email if you have any suggestions or if you would like to join the enrichment committee and help plan future programs.


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